Learn how to maintain your ultrasonic cleaner

If you already own an  silent-sound cleaner, it means that you had the time to become familiar with its functions and applications. Obviously, you cannot deny the benefits this product provides. In short, you have the possibility to maintain your household items of all shapes and materials shiny and new but have you ever thought about the machine? What do you do to maintain it? It may sound ironic the fact that you need to clean your cleaner and indeed, Hilsonic Ultrasonic Cleaners are designed to last in time but if you do not observe certain instructions and you do not take precautions, your personal safety could be at risk, not to mention that you will damage the machine. If you want to benefit from the efficiency and performance of your ultrasonic cleaner for years to come then you have to learn certain things and make time to apply them.

What you need to do

In order to function, the ultrasound cleaner needs an adequate solution and by now, you should know to avoid solvents and use water-based detergents because it represents the best option. Do not neglect changing the filtration system because it will improve  performance of this device by eliminating contaminants from the cleaning detergent. Before you proceed to clean the items, you should wipe greasy or heavily contaminated parts because even though the machine will remove all the dirt without problems, it will deposit on the bottom of the tank or in the filtration system. Even though you do not have to change the detergent every time you use the ultrasonic cleaner, you do have to drain it occasionally in order to clean out the tank. Keep in mind that all the grease, rust, bacteria, pigments, oil and so on accumulate at the bottom of the tank. You can just rinse it with clean water or wipe it with a rag. Do not forget to unplug the machine before you attempt to drain the solution because water combined with electricity could lead to severe damages. This may seem a detail but it holds a lot of importance.

What you should not do

If you do not want to damage the ultrasonic cleaner or your health, then you have to avoid certain actions. You should not use bleach or any products that contain harsh chemicals under any circumstances because this will affect not only the machine but also your items. Keep flammable liquids like alcohol far away from the area because they could cause an explosion or a fire. Avoid putting your hands into the supersonic cleaner during its functioning without wearing gloves because you skin could irritate and cause a feeling of discomfort. The machine usually comes with a basket for smaller items so you should use it and avoid placing the items directly on the bottom of the tank because it will lead to cavitation erosion. Do not attempt to repair the ultrasonic cleaner on your own. You do not have the necessary knowledge and you could do more harm than good. Ask the help of a professional who knows how to work high voltage machines.